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BRAD AGENCY is a leading end-to-end Shopify Plus Agency, with offices in Greater London. They design, build and replatform Shopify Plus stores and campaigns for expanding international brands and enterprises worldwide. BRAD AGENCY’s team of Shopify Plus developers, creatives and strategists create extraordinary and bespoke websites for brands.

Trusted by merchants worldwide

A team dedicated to creating extraordinary websites - bespoke is the name of their game
Building a connection with their customers and sustaining that bond is a primary focus
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BRAD AGENCY is passionate about allowing great brands to reach the forefront of their niche

Lens N Frame

BRAD AGENCY crafted a highly customized Shopify store with five discrete functionalities to turn the eyewear brand, Lens N Frame, into an accessible portal and help buyers select top-quality eyeglasses and sunglasses that suit their style.

The team introduced a distinct multilayer selection process for seamless quality, suitable prescription eyewear, contact lenses and lens solution, blue light filter lenses, sunglasses, and other related accessories. This transformation resulted in client satisfaction increasing by 100%.


Sahi London

BRAD AGENCY developed a bespoke Shopify store for the lifestyle and jewelry brand Sahi London. This project hinged on highlighting the glamour and distinction a customer can explore through their luxury offerings on their website.

This digital transformation saw a 95% increase in mobile revenue and a 165% increase in organic traffic (Jan-Mar YoY).


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