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Blend Commerce helps grow Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, enhance their approach to development, design and marketing with honest, data-driven advice.

Watch a quick video message from Adam Pearce, CEO and Co-founder of Blend Commerce on why LoyaltyLion is his first choice for ecommerce loyalty solutions:

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Scarlet and Gold

Scarlet and Gold is a leading lifestyle and apparel brand, based in Alabama, USA. After redesigning their Shopify Plus store Blend, the Scarlet and Gold team worked with Blend to optimise their marketing approach, including the implementation of a LoyaltyLion rewards program.


Kivari, the label, is an Australian bohemian-luxe fashion brand. Designed for the modern free-spirited bohemian woman. Due to a solid growth period and in order to continue this level of growth, the brand needed a refresh, which Blend successfully implemented for the growing Shopify Plus store.

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