Find unhappy customers and turn them into advocates

Customer satisfaction and loyalty go hand and hand. See how customers rate interactions with your store with our free Net Promoter Score® app for Shopify stores.

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Find unhappy customers
Unhappy customers tell an average of 16 people about negative brand experiences. Find those customers and show them that you care
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Generate referral revenue
Learn who loves your business, then ask those customers for referrals, driving cost-effective acquisition and increasing store revenue
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Focus on your best customers
Focus marketing efforts on customers who leave high scores as they are more likely to repeat purchase, increasing loyalty and lifetime value

Find unhappy customers with NPS

Research shows that happy customers tell nine friends about their experiences with a brand. Unhappy customers tell an average of 16, which can significantly impact revenue and reputation.

  • Discover which of your existing customers are unhappy and at risk of churning, and take the opportunity to show them that you care
  • Monitor changes in NPS to better understand the success of individual marketing initiatives

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Generate revenue from happy customers

Customers are four times more likely to buy when they are referred by a friend. Harness the enthusiasm of promoters to attract new customers more cost-effectively:

  • Identify Promoters and incentivize them to act as advocates for your brand by referring others and leaving positive reviews
  • Use data from your net promoter score as social proof within marketing and advertising campaigns

Read our guide to using NPS to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction

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Loyalty Lion has been instrumental in significantly increasing our retention rate of customers over the past year. Our customers love that they can redeem discounts towards their orders, with many of them really appreciating the option to donate their points towards our chosen charitable partners.

Tessa Smart, Customer Care Specialist

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