Why LoyaltyLion

Wondering what sets LoyaltyLion apart from the rest? Well amongst other things, we’ve retained our Leader status for the third quarter running in the G2 Grid Report for Loyalty Management. Hurrah!

Loyalty Leader

What exactly does this mean

The G2 report identifies leaders across tools that are used by companies to create, manage, and analyze customer loyalty programs. To pinpoint the leaders in this space, G2 analyzes real customers’ reviews as well as the company’s market presence. 

And LoyaltyLion came out on top – again!

Here are some of the key figures that we’re really proud of.

Loyalty Leader G2 Infographic

And here’s how we stack up to our satisfied customers.

Loyalty Leader satisfaction ratings

Now let’s get to the good stuff.

What do customers say about LoyaltyLion?

So if you’re looking to launch an engaging loyalty program, trust us to lead the way. We eat, sleep and breathe loyalty. Being recognized in this way is what our dreams are made of. Thank you to all our reviewers for their honest feedback!

Want to see LoyaltyLion in action?

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