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Why LoyaltyLion and Verified Reviews?

Did you know that 85% of users consult customer reviews before buying online? Verified Reviews gives merchants the power to collect reviews from their customers, manage their online reputation and integrate seller ratings with Google Search.

Using Verified Reviews and LoyaltyLion together you can boost customer trust and conversion by using loyalty points to encourage customers to leave reviews of your products.

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Reward reviews to leverage sales and repeat purchase

Increasingly, shoppers put in the time to do their own research before making a purchase. 91% of people read online reviews to help make their decision and 84% trust those reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from friends and family.

With the LoyaltyLion and Verified Reviews integration, you can reward customers who leave reviews with points to spend on their next purchase. This not only encourages these happy customers to return and buy from you sooner but it also boosts the credibility of your store.

Encourage reviews in post-purchase emails

Inform your existing customers of the points they will earn by leaving a review in your post-purchase emails. This will give them a reason to return to your site to make another purchase sooner.

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