Global cosmetics sales are expected to reach $75 billion USD by 2021

Loyal customers are the foundation of a successful business

Leading cosmetics and grooming brands use LoyaltyLion to differentiate their shop from big box stores and provide a personalised shopping experience

Use LoyaltyLion to provide the personalised experiences cosmetics and grooming customers desire

Understand your customers’ individual needs and provide value

The cosmetics industry has one of the highest potential repeat purchase rates at 15 purchases per year on average. To achieve this, cosmetics retailers need to create valuable interactive experiences that show they understand their customers. For example, by catering product recommendations based on skin types, preferred colours, purchase history and replenishment cycles.

Data from LoyaltyLion can be used to create this sense of personalisation. Our integrations with leading email marketing software provides ways to interact with customers to build a sense of intimacy and understanding.

More people are purchasing online – how will you make an impression and retain loyal customers?

Nearly 30% of cosmetics are being purchased online, providing huge opportunities for brands to expand internationally. With new markets emerging in Asia, China is now the second largest cosmetics market globally; generating over $25 billion in 2016.

With this surge, customers are spoiled for choice, and retaining loyal customers is a challenge. LoyaltyLion allows you to target not only your most loyal customers, but also those who are at risk or who need winning back.

New demands are providing growth in the cosmetics industry

Everyone aspires to look their best. Fuelled by the growing Asian-Pacific markets, male grooming is expanding and men are now spending as much time perfecting their personal appearance as women. Consumers are also looking for natural, organic and environmentally friendly options to replace old favourites, with an emphasis on reducing pollution and waste.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the top ways consumers learn about new products. LoyaltyLion’s customer acquisition tools, such as referrals and social sharing, incentivise your loyal customers to spread the word.

“As partners, the LoyaltyLion team has been extremely responsive, collaborative and flexible in helping us migrate from a different rewards platform, customizing the experience to fit our particular needs and supporting us as issues have come up. We are very happy to have made the switch and look forward to continuing to partner with Loyalty Lion going forward.”

Kate, Senior Product Manager, Axe Wellness