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Why fashion retailers build customized loyalty programs with LoyaltyLion

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Competition is fierce
Worth an estimated $3 trillion the fashion industry is clearly thriving. If you want a share of the profits, your store needs to be best-in-class. Loyalty programs allow fashion retailers everywhere to give their shoppers high-end customer experiences.
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Retaining fashion customers is a priority
53% of a store’s total revenue comes from only 20% of its customer base. With the fashion industry being competitive keeping your existing customers returning to you is essential.
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Rise in emotional buyers
Fashion shoppers are becoming ever more mindful of where they spend their money – 65% say they buy on the basis of their beliefs. Connect with customers by showing your brand's values through a loyalty program.

Pulse Boutique

Fashion brand, Pulse Boutique, worked with LoyaltyLion to create a loyalty program, Pulse Perks, that would build long-term customer relationships. The program focused on encouraging engagement on social media and increasing user-generated content like reviews and photo submissions.

Pulse Boutique has seen a 39% increase in repeat customers and a 19% increase in average order value. Pulse Perks has generated over $200k in rewards purchases.

Read more about our wok with Pulse Boutique.

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As a fashion merchant, your future success depends on your existing customers.

So what can you do to drive retention and build your customers’ loyalty to your brand?

Reward customers with points for purchases and engagement

Create a loyalty program with a difference. Reward customers for purchases and on-site activities – such as joining your program, social follows and site visits.

Customers can collect these points and redeem them for rewards to spend on clothing and accessories at your store, encouraging long-term loyalty and increasing your revenue.

Lucy And Yak Program

Drive customer advocacy

Nurture advocacy by rewarding customers for referring new fashion shoppers to your store or leaving reviews. Not only is this a cost-effective acquisition strategy, but it also grows consumer trust.

Keep engaging between purchases

Send personalized, loyalty emails that keep customers engaged between purchases, communicate your brand and that upsell and cross-sell products. This encourages customers to return to your store sooner and choose you over other fashion retailers in the market.

Lively Emails

Create emotional connections

Fashion is based on signature looks and a brand’s image. Make your program resonate with your customers on an emotional level by making it a natural extension of your brand.

Easily customize all elements of your loyalty program and embed individual, on-brand loyalty components anywhere in the customer journey, from product to post-purchase pages.

Nicce Integrated Program V2

Integrate with your favourite tools and technologies

LoyaltyLion integrates seamlessly with all your existing ecommerce tools and technologies.

Use your loyalty program to power your ESP, review platform, subscription partners, help desk and more.

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