LIVELY's loyalty program increased its customer lifetime value by 39%

increase in repeat purchase
increase in customer lifetime value
increase in AOV


As a sophisticated underwear brand, LIVELY already had a strong brand identity. However, they needed to create a loyalty program that would reflect their unique brand values and strengthen their community. Their focus was on securing long-term loyalty that would drive increased repeat purchase and spend.


In order to encourage customers to return regularly and spend more, LIVELY implemented a tiered loyalty program structure that complemented their brand values. To increase average order value, LIVELY awarded customers with extra points for each tier. The LIVELY team was aware that their loyalty program could also be used as a powerful way to complement their ongoing acquisition strategies. They designed a referral strategy that would benefit both customers and LIVELY itself by enabling members to easily refer LIVELY to their “BFFs” via a unique link.

To have an outstanding data-driven loyalty program, LIVELY’s technology team decided to use LoyaltyLion’s integrations with Klaviyo and Zendesk. Using LoyaltyLion and Zendesk together, the LIVELY team was able to improve customer support experiences. In the meantime, LoyaltyLion’s integration with Klaviyo allowed LIVELY to incorporate loyalty data into their emails, creating fully personalised messages about available rewards, point balances and referral links amongst other things.


By creating aspirational tiers, LIVELY’s team increased its AOV by 21% and customer lifetime value by 39%. As a result of using their loyalty program to support other areas of the business LIVELY also increased its average number of orders by 37% and boosted average customer spend by 36% in a year.

The core of the LIVELY brand has always been to understand who our customers are and to make sure all of our interactions with them are personalised. We recently revamped our loyalty program, the LIVELY Rewards, and have seen the percentage of online purchases using a LoyaltyLion code double. Also, our active loyalty program members are now two times more likely to purchase compared to non-members.
Michelle Cordeiro
Founder and CEO at LIVELY