Glamnetic increased their customer spend by 57% thanks to their rewards program

increase in repeat purchase rates
increase in customer spend


Glamnetic believes in a world where beauty is accessible, effortless and fun for all. With this mission, they’ve created a global brand community including world-famous influencers and celebrities. So when Glamnetic met with LoyaltyLion, they already had high volumes of traffic coming to their site. However, Glamnetic’s team knew that they need to build longer-lasting relationships with their customers to boost repeat purchase rates and revenue.


To encourage customers to keep returning to the site and repeat purchase, Glamnetic created a tiered loyalty program structure. Customers can move across three levels: Glam Bae, Glam Princess, and Glam Queen. With each tier, customers can unlock more and more exclusive rewards. To integrate their loyalty program with their marketing strategy, they also allowed customers to earn points via following them on social media, leaving a review, making a referral, signing up to emails and SMS.

glamnetic loyaltylion


Thanks to their loyalty strategy, in only several months Glamnetic has seen a 57% increase in customer spend by redeeming loyalty program members compared to non-redeeming members.

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