Astrid & Miyu: 40% increase in total revenue after re-launching loyalty tiers

increase in total revenue for the business


Before LoyaltyLion, Astrid & Miyu used the rewards & loyalty extension that comes integrated with Magento. They wanted a program that was easy for their customers to use, included a built-in refer-a-friend solution, and ultimately would drive more loyal behavior to improve their repeat purchase rates. This is exactly what LoyaltyLion delivered.


With the additional know-how gained by enrolling in the LoyaltyLion Academy at the start of 2021, as well as the regular strategy calls with their Customer Success Manager, Astrid & Miyu had a total re-think of their tiers system and restructured how they offer rewards in the Spring. A big goal was to mitigate the seasonality cycles in the business by creating a tiered rewards system that would engage members all year round, and this meant re-thinking the points of engagement with customers. They introduced four tiers, with new barriers to entry and varying perks based on the lifetime value of a customer.

Within these tiers, Astrid & Miyu offered a variety of incentives to engage their customers – making sure they included both transactional and experiential rewards. These kinds of rewards inspire members to work their way up the tiers and increase their lifetime value while doing so. For example, their highest tier members – Gold – have an average order value of £91, while their Rose Gold counterparts (two tiers below) have an average order value of £75.

Note how these new tiers are aptly named to align with their jewelry-loving audience!

Continually looking to improve their loyalty offering, Astrid & Miyu went on to launch non-transactional ways to reward their members and build their community in other digital spaces. Working with their Customer Success Manager, they made the decision to start offering points for Instagram follows, and have seen over 10,000 new followers because of this rule.

Going one step further, Astrid & Miyu are trying to build a community of customers who are connected by shared values such as sustainability and the environment. To achieve this, they launched their own jewelry recycling program ‘Astrid & Renew’, where customers can earn 1000 points for recycling their old jewelry – even if it comes from another brand.

Astrid & Miyu community timeline


All of the hard work that went into Astrid & Miyu’s new loyalty program certainly paid off. In 2021 Astrid & Miyu saw 36,640 new loyalty program members sign up throughout the year. In just the first three-quarters of 2022, they’ve already seen 50,013 new member sign ups.

The overall impact of optimizing their loyalty program to include experiential rewards inside a well laid out tier structure resulted in a 40% increase in total revenue for the business.

Astrid & Miyu continue to pave the way for loyalty in ecommerce and have demonstrated that the impact of a loyalty program only increases with time.

Introducing loyalty to your customer experience should be with the intention of driving long-term retention by rewarding shopping and brand advocacy.
Lucy Kemish
Global Senior CRM Manager