Loyalty experts you can trust

Our loyalty experts will be with you on every step of your retention journey, ensuring that your loyalty program keeps you ahead of the competition.

Our LoyaltyLion experts are dedicated to your long-term success.

They will work with you to drive the greatest possible return on investment while delivering superior experiences for your customers.


Our Professional Services

Our Professional Services team will help you strategize, implement and launch your loyalty program.

Our specialist team will work with you to get your loyalty program live within weeks so you start getting value from our platform as soon as possible.

You can choose between five LoyaltyLion plans to best suit your business:

Small Business Plan

Merchants on our Small Business plan will be guided through an on-screen setup wizard with pre-filled suggestions based on our loyalty knowledge and expertise.

Classic Plan

Merchants on our Classic plans can easily self onboard with video guides, an on-screen setup wizard that you can configure and live chat support from our Onboarding Team.

Advanced Plan

Merchants, on our Advanced plan, work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who will advise and guide you on your loyalty program strategy with quarterly executive business reviews. Via onboarding calls, you and your team will receive the training you need to ensure your loyalty program is optimized and goes live on time. Your Customer Success Manager will also provide ongoing optimization in the early days of your loyalty program.

Plus Plan

Merchants on our Plus plan will have access to a dedicated Senior Customer Success Manager, who has extensive experience in delivering tailored enterprise loyalty programs. They will guide you on your loyalty program strategy with monthly and quarterly executive business reviews. The enhanced onboarding calls will incldue alignment calls, strategy calls and executive outreach services. You will also have access to a dedicated Slack channel with your Senior Customer Success Manager, and where applicable your agency.  This is an effective way to keep all stakeholders up to date with onboarding progress, resolve issues and keep to deadlines.


Our Customer Success Services

Our Customer Success team will be your main point of contact once your loyalty program is live, making sure our platform continues to deliver long-term value and meet your ever-changing and evolving business needs.

Plus plan merchants will work with a Customer Success Manager on an ongoing basis via monthly outreach and quarterly executive business reviews to ensure you are kept up to speed on training, best practice and new features 


Merchants on our Plus plan will also benefit from proactive account management with a single point of contact assigned to you to advise and support you on every aspect of your loyalty program needs.

Merchants on our other plans have access to our best practice content, which we regularly update. Check out some of our best practice content:  

Reward existing customers
Retain new customers
Growing your loyal customer base.

Black Limba have praised LoyaltyLions’ services.

They shared: “… we have been able to rapidly see an increase of 2X in the average orders per customers of redeeming customers and a significant increase in the overall returning customer rate. On the other side all these members are generating lots of new customers thanks to LoyaltyLion’s referral tool”.

Our Support Services

Our Support Team will be on hand to answer and resolve your queries and issues in real-time. They will help you solve day-to-day challenges.

Email support 

Merchants on our Free, Classic and Advanced plans can email our Support Team to receive expert help and guidance.

Priority email support

Merchants on our Plus plan receive access to a priority email address and can also escalate support requests through their Customer Success Manager.

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