CheapUndies generated $148,000 via LoyaltyLion in their first 12 months

CheapUndies case study


increase in retention of loyal customers


additional revenue to the business

“LoyaltyLion has been great for CheapUndies - we’ve seen a huge ROI. We wanted a solution that could be customised to match our brand and LoyaltyLion does just that. I really like the fact you can set it up and let it run itself.”

Edward Upton, Owner


CheapUndies wanted to differentiate themselves from competitors whilst reducing customer churn and increasing revenues.


CheapUndies implemented LoyaltyLion on their ecommerce store and used the loyalty framework to reward account creation, visits, purchases and referrals. LoyaltyLion was implemented across their desktop and mobile sites. They styled LoyaltyLion to match their brand and embedded the program within their site for a seamless user experience.

A closer look at how CheapUndies uses LoyaltyLion to increase customer engagement, retention and customer lifetime value

Acquire new customers

CheapUndies uses LoyaltyLion's referrals to encourage customers to invite friends to shop. Their offer of 20% off the new customer's first purchase, giving the existing customer 750 points in return, is a mutually beneficial offer for both parties which will encourage referrals and first-time purchases above the $25 threshold.

Encourage repeat visits

CheapUndies awards points to customers for repeat visits. Upon login, a small customisable notification is displayed to inform customers of this addition to their points total. This instant feedback delights customers and keeps them returning.

Seamless loyalty panel

CheapUndies have customised their loyalty program with their brand colours so it sits seamlessly within the rest of their website.