10% increase in repeat purchase rate since launch

Astrid & Miyu case study


increase in repeat purchases


revenue with LoyaltyLion


new customers acquired via referrals in first year

“We have really enjoyed working with LoyaltyLion over the past year. The program has helped improve our site’s user experience and our customers find the program really easy to use. It requires very little effort from our side and has helped increase our customer retention rate by 10%.”

Sarah Dawson, Head of Online, Astrid & Miyu


Before LoyaltyLion, Astrid & Miyu used the rewards & loyalty extension that comes integrated with Magento. They wanted to change because they found the inbuilt Magento loyalty software to be “very complicated and not at all user friendly” and more significantly, it had “a negative reaction from [their] customers, with many unable to use the Magento program.”

Astrid & Miyu had a clear understanding of their requirements. They wanted a loyalty program that was extremely easy and straightforward for their customers that included a built-in refer-a-friend solution and was designed to improve repeat purchase rates.


Astrid & Miyu migrated from the Magento inbuilt solution within a couple of weeks. They used the LoyaltyLion Magento extension to install LoyaltyLion and the onboarding team handled the migration.

“LoyaltyLion solved the confusion customers had faced with the Magento inbuilt program - it was easy to switch and required very little development effort.”

Sarah Dawson, Head of Online, Astrid & Miyu

A closer look at how Astrid & Miyu uses LoyaltyLion to increase customer retention, loyalty and repeat purchases

Reward onsite activities

Astrid & Miyu reward more than purchases. They use LoyaltyLion to reward account creation, newsletter signups, referrals and purchases. Having an inbuilt referral solution as part of the loyalty program was a key requirement for Astrid & Miyu because they knew their loyal customers were advocates and they wanted to encourage and reward this behaviour.

Astrid & Miyu use the inbuilt referral solution in LoyaltyLion to reward both people - the friend who refers and the new customer. Our analysis of over 1,000 merchants confirms this is the most successful setup. In their first year with LoyaltyLion, Astrid & Miyu acquired over 175 new customers from referrals, with the holiday period being their most successful time of year.

Drive awareness and reward redemption

Astrid & Miyu use LoyaltyLion to encourage repeat purchases by sending loyalty reward emails. LoyaltyLion can send these emails, or you can use one of our many integrations with leading ESPs to drive email marketing campaigns.

“We have seen a large increase in the number of customers looking for the loyalty program and signing up for future purchases. This has helped increase our repeat purchase rate by 10% since installing LoyaltyLion.”

Sarah Dawson, Head of Online, Astrid & Miyu