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When is the best time to launch a loyalty program?

People are often concerned with not knowing when they should start their loyalty program – the fact of the matter is that they just don’t have a loyalty program implementation plan in place. They think they need to wait until they have X number of customers before they can launch. Or they think they should spend their time focusing on getting sales, rather than thinking about loyalty.

The truth is, there is no right or wrong time to start a loyalty program. For different businesses, different times will be more beneficial. However, with that being said, in this post, we’re going to look at the reasons why you should start your loyalty program today. And, share some steps that you should include in your loyalty program implementation plan.

You’ve built your ecommerce store and you’ve set up your POS system. It’s really important to start thinking about loyalty right away.

First of all, your loyalty program should have four main goals:

  1. To provide your loyal customers with benefits and value
  2. To encourage other customers to become loyal
  3. To increase your profit
  4. Use it as a tool to gather more data on your customers and their spending habits

All four of these things are things you don’t want to delay…so why delay starting your loyalty program. In previous blog posts, we’ve spoken about the benefits of having a loyalty program and they completely outweigh the concerns you might have about starting one. Here we will talk about two points:

  • Thinking about customer loyalty should be at the forefront of your mind
  • Launching your loyalty program

Thinking about customer loyalty should be at the forefront of your mind

The question you might actually want to be asking is:

“When is the best time to scream and shout about my loyalty program?”

It all comes down to what you plan to do with your loyalty program and what you plan to reward. Another thing to consider is the logistics of a loyalty program. The sooner you implement, the sooner you can get all your employees on board with how the loyalty program will work and what kind of rewards customers can redeem.

There’s no point delaying launching your loyalty program because as soon as you have sales, you are losing potential people who might want to join. If your staff are on board, and your loyalty program works, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t launch the loyalty program the same time you launch your store. You could even launch your loyalty program to coincide with popular holidays. Perhaps around a time where you think you’ll see an increase in sales.


Launching your loyalty program

When you do launch it, start small and ensure you’re testing everything you offer. We believe it’s a really good idea to start your loyalty program as soon as possible, that way you have the opportunity to let it grow as your eCommerce store grows.

Meaning, you might begin your loyalty program and have five members. All five members might really enjoy the free postage you offer from being part of the loyalty program.

However, when you move up to having 5000 members, you might realise that their needs have shifted slightly and they much prefer the discount code vouchers.

When you begin your loyalty program right when you launch your store, you have the opportunity to start it small. You have the opportunity to test all your offerings and be sure that they are things your customers actually want and are things your customers are happy to get involved in and engaged with.


Loyalty is important and if you’re going to launch your loyalty program implementation plan, you should do so as soon as you get the chance, there is no use in delaying it.

  • Build a loyalty plan that is right for your company and fits your values
  • Have a loyalty mindset company-wide. Meaning, everyone in the company should understand what the loyalty program is, what it offers, and why your customers benefit from being a part of it
  • Before you do launch, make sure everything is working correctly. Be sure to test your loyalty program so that it accurately counts points, or offers rewards. You do not want endless complaints about your loyalty software early on, or you’ll lose potential customers