What we learned from Shopify Unite 2019

Shopify Unite 2019

Another year, another Unite conference and another round of exciting announcements from the team at Shopify! LoyaltyLion was on hand for the fourth year running to hear what’s coming up, and to help you understand what each development means for you as a merchant. Keep reading as we share everything we learned from Shopify Unite 2019.

Loyaltylion At Shopify Unite

The new and improved online store design experience

Knowing that not every merchant has an in-depth knowledge of code or the resources to hire an expert, Shopify announced that they will soon be significantly adding to their customisation options to give merchants more control over layout and aesthetics.

  • You will now be able to use sections to customise any page, not just the home page
  • Going forwards, content that you want to appear in multiple areas can be set at a master page level and carried across to other pages
  • You will no longer need to duplicate your theme or port content over manually. Your shop’s content will be portable whenever you download a new version of your theme, or change theme completely
  • You will soon be able to access a new space where you can draft changes in a safe environment, and edit and preview updates before publishing


Redesigning Shopify POS

Shopify’s POS is being redesigned. The new design prioritises seamless workflows and makes it easier to integrate apps, helping store staff deliver the best possible customer experiences.

  • The interface has been redesigned to make it more accessible with larger tap areas and smart grids
  • The new app will give store assistants the flexibility to move and make sales using contactless payments throughout the store with a new, customisable tap and chip case
  • If a product is not available in-store, store assistants will be able to make a sale from another location and have items shipped to customers

Shopify Unite Team

A new vision for products

One of the biggest barriers to online conversion has long been the inability to see, touch and feel products firsthand. Shopify is taking big leaps in upgrading this aspect of the online experience by announcing that they will natively support video and 3D assets.

  • The new Shopify video player will allow you to easily display video or 3D models of your product, offering a more immersive shopping experience where customers can see products in physical environments
  • You will also be able to upload and store video and 3D models from the same place where you currently store all your product imagery


Taking your Shopify store global

Last year, Shopify announced their multilingual beta, making the platform available in seven languages. With so many stores opting to use these languages to manage their businesses since then, this has now been extended to include an additional 11 languages.

  • As well as French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, stores can now manage their Shopify stores in Dutch, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Malay, Hindi, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Korean and Thai
  • Shopify is also enabling multiple currencies in Shopify Payments – a feature that will be available to all merchants later this year. You will be able to offer shoppers the ability to convert between nine major currencies
  • Displayed prices will use rounding rules and will be automatically adjusted based on current exchange rates


The ability to edit orders

Shoppers can be indecisive, and the ability to be flexible can make a huge difference to the customer experience you deliver. Shopify merchants will soon be able to edit open orders as and when buyer’s request changes. The new order editing features will ensure that apps can add, remove or replace items before fulfillment begins. This is a long-awaited feature that will give you more flexibility post-purchase, helping you to ensure customers are entirely satisfied.

Adding loyalty and retention apps to your POS checkout flow

In order to create meaningful customer relationships, you need to deliver the most personal shopping experiences possible. To help achieve this, merchants will soon be able to see loyalty and promotion details within the customer cart. This will:

  • Save you time on every sale, requiring fewer clicks to apply a discount
  • Negate the need for store staff to navigate to the apps section of POS

Coming to LoyaltyLion soon!

Increased flexibility with headless commerce

Many stores are already using custom storefront tools and the Storefront API to offer more engaging ways to shop. Shopify’s Storefront API will help you to further decouple front-end customer experiences and back-end dependencies.

  • Create personalised experiences by connecting microservices that deliver dynamic content or alerts through third-party services
  • Engage your customers in the offline world via portals such as vending machines, live streams, smart mirrors or voice shopping
  • Allow development teams to work alongside each other with the most flexible architecture

Unite Stage

Shopify launches its own Fulfillment Network

Arguably one of the biggest announcements of Unite 2019 was around the launch of the Shopify Fulfillment Network in the United States. Customers are consistently raising their post-purchase and delivery expectations and standards across the industry are continually rising. That’s why Shopify are launching their own Fulfillment Network which will make it easier for merchants to fulfill orders with fast, low-cost delivery.

  • The Shopify Fulfillment Network will remove Fulfillment complexities without compromising your control of either your customer data or customer experience
  • The Fulfillment Network will comprise of a single back office for up-to-date order, inventory and customer data, recommended warehouse locations to help save costs on shipping, and a dedicated account manager to help you find the best path to your customers. You will also be able to benefit from low stock alerts

Interested merchants can learn more about the Shopify Fulfillment Network and apply for early access here.

So, that’s a wrap on Unite 2019!

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