Understanding the impact of Apple’s iOS 14 update

In this webinar, we are joined by Charlie Lawrence to help us navigate the upcoming changes of Apple’s iOS 14 update.

The CEO and founder of Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, Gecko Squared, shares the effect it will have on ecommerce merchants’ digital advertising.

In this 30-45 minute session, Charlie shares:

  • What the Apple’s iOS 14 update are and how they will impact your digital advertizing strategy
  • How to analyze the impact of iOS 14 on your advertising using historic campaign data
  • Why the changes are good and how to use them to your advantage
  • Live Q&A

About Charlie Lawrence:

Charlie Lawrence from Gecko Squared on Apple's iOS14 update

Charlie is an advertising strategist, writer, speaker and agency owner. He is the founder and CEO of Gecko Squared, a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency that specializes in working with high-growth businesses from around the world including ecommerce, software and professional service companies.

He has been planning and buying digital media for over a decade since he started his first business aged 18.

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