Top 5 tools to increase customer retention this Father’s Day

Keep first-time buyers coming back for more with these simple yet effective loyalty tactics.

As inflation continues to rise and shoppers work their way through the cost of living crisis, it comes as no surprise that ecommerce brands will see consumers making do with much less than before. But despite all these cutbacks, there are some inflation-proof events that shoppers aren’t going to miss – no matter what. 

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we can still expect consumers to prioritize their papas by getting them something nice to celebrate the special occasion. This is a great opportunity to take a look at your current offerings and make changes ahead of time for maximum impact.

Here are some simple tools you can use this Father’s Day to encourage your one-time buyer to keep coming back for more…

Plan loyalty promotions to coincide with Father’s Day

Offer double or triple points in the run up to the event. This simple tactic will both encourage new shoppers to check out your loyalty program, and reinvigorate your returning members to rack up some more points for themselves. We love a win-win scenario!  


So many ecommerce companies miss a trick when it comes to order confirmation emails – it’s no longer enough to insert your customer’s name and order details, and that certainly won’t set you apart from the competition. Personalize your order confirmation emails with details of points your customers have earned through their purchase, along with other exciting benefits that await them once they sign up to your loyalty program.

Free shipping

A simple yet effective offering, 90% of consumers say free shipping is their top incentive to shop online more. Position this as a ‘member-only’ perk and you’re giving buyers a clear reason to sign up asap.  

Charitable donations

Most of the time when we discuss incentives, we’re talking about the customer getting something for free. But people love to give back! Create a meaningful and memorable shopping experience by helping customers donate to a good cause this Father’s Day. For example, you could allow customers to redeem the points they earn for charitable rewards such as donations to a charity of their choice.

User generated content

Make a big deal of incentivizing user generated content around this time. Encourage gift givers and receivers alike to share reviews and social content by incentivizing those actions with points. You could include a special hashtag about Father’s Day in your emails and packaging. Or even run a competition asking people to share their best dad jokes (warning: puns may be armed and dad-ly).

Even during economically trying times, customers – both new and repeat – will continue to buy for special occasions. It’s so important to anticipate what “the best experience” for that special purchase means and compete for attention in ways other than reduced pricing. Yes, shoppers are reevaluating their spending habits, but it’s the perfect opportunity to build relationships in new and exciting ways!

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