The top Shopify apps you need to boost customer retention and loyalty

In ecommerce, there is little opportunity to sit back and relax – there’s always something more you could be doing to drive sales, increase conversion and keep your customers happy. It can be overwhelming and you may be asking, “what’s the right thing to do for my store?”

At LoyaltyLion, we’re firm believers in doing all you can to retain your existing customers. On average, 53% of your revenue comes from the top 20% of your customer base, so focussing your attention on this already active and engaged community is a guaranteed way to grow your store’s revenue long-term.

To help you put your customer retention strategy in motion, we’ve put together a handy list of must-have Shopify apps, spanning five categories, that will keep your most valuable customers happy and engaged. Keep reading to see which tools you’re not yet using but could be.

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Email service providers (ESPs)

Emails are a great way to keep communicating with your customers in between purchases. Once they’ve bought from you the first time, they have opted in to hear from you. As it turns out, 80% of retail professionals state that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention.

In your emails, you could display products related to your customers’ first purchase and the loyalty points they could earn for them. This helps you upsell and cross-sell products that these shoppers may not have bought otherwise. Emails are also a great way to re-communicate your brand identity and build emotional connections with customers from within the inbox.

An ESP can be used to manage your email marketing strategy. They help you automate email campaigns and segment your audience so you can target them with the right content. LoyaltyLion integrates with the following ESP providers:

Help desks

Customers today are seeking intangible benefits from the stores they purchase from. They want to know they’re going to get the right amount of customer care and that they’re in safe hands. In fact, 95% of customers have said that they would return to shop with a store if their issues are solved painlessly.

By adding a help desk provider to your Shopify store and integrating it with your loyalty program, you’ll be able to solve your customer queries in a more meaningful way. When a customer faces a problem, show them that you care by rewarding them loyalty points for their troubles. Or, show your most devoted customers that you recognise their loyalty by moving them up into a VIP-only tier of your loyalty program.

By empowering your customer service team to reward loyalty points through your help desk, you’ll show your customers that you value them on a personal level. Start by exploring our integrations with:


The subscription ecommerce market has grown by more than 100% a year over the past five years. But what’s getting everyone so hooked?

Today’s customers expect more flexibility and convenience than ever before. By signing up to subscription-based products, these savvy shoppers save both time and money that would otherwise be spent browsing.

For merchants, subscription-based products put customers into long-term contracts, generating recurring revenue and encouraging repeat purchasing.

To incentivise more of your customers to opt into your subscription-based products, consider using an additional loyalty program tier to offer additional rewards and benefits to your subscribers. If your customers already know and love your products, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t opt in to get them on a rolling basis. To integrate your subscriptions with your loyalty program start by exploring our integration with:


With LoyaltyLion you can easily reward customers for leaving reviews on your service or products. For a huge 84% of shoppers, product reviews are the main source of validation before buying online. They act as a credible source of social proof where customers can’t try on, feel or experience your products in real life. If you’re looking to sync up your loyalty program with a reviews platform here are some of the providers we integrate with:

Product recommendations

It’s now becoming more common for shoppers to hold the customer experience above price and product as the key brand differentiator. As a result, they expect to receive personalised, seamless shopping experiences.

By integrating LoyaltyLion with a product recommendation provider, you can display potential bonus points for selected products within your product recommendation boxes. This is a clever way to cross-sell and upsell as customers will be enticed to add more to their cart if they know they’re going to get more points as a result. Want to tie in your loyalty program with your product recommendations? We currently integrate with:

So there we have it, some great Shopify Apps to get you started on retaining your existing customer base. Want to learn more? Visit the LoyaltyLion Academy where we have more expert advice on how you can create and retain a loyal customer base.