Take the leap: how to make the most of your loyalty program in 2016

It’s a leap year, which means we’re all gifted an extra day this year, and in the spirit of that we’re starting 2016 with a blog that will show you how to make the most of every single one of those 366 days by showing you how to grow your customer base and their overall loyalty to your business.

Here we will take a look at how to:

  • Take advantage of the slump
  • Reinvigorate engagement
  • Keep the rewards simple and strong
  • Reward reviews
  • Utilize referrals
  • Offer exclusive promotions


Take advantage of the slump

January is everyone’s least favourite month. Winter has reached its middle, all the festivities are over, and a good portion of the population are feeling the pinch of their Christmas expenses.

This is a perfect month to reward your customers and reap long lasting benefits. Rewarding your members in frigid January will not only mean more in this season than in any other, but will encourage a further purchase beyond the Christmas spike season.

Just remember: maintaining loyalty in your returning customers is important, rewards now will be unexpected and welcome.


Reinvigorate engagement


If you have members that have signed up, but aren’t actively participating in the program, the New Year is a great time to incentivise them. Send them reminder emails tallying their current points, or offer a token set of points if they purchase something in the next month.

Get your customers thinking about you, and your reward program. If they get engaged early on in the year, the benefits will be higher for them, and for you.


Keep the rewards simple and strong


Don’t make claiming or interpreting the rewards as difficult. Stick to plans like instant redeemable points, or throw in free accessories and points with a product. Make sure the rewards are good rewards and not cheap throwaways.

Investing in your customers now will see a greater long term return for you this year, and further along in the future.


Reward reviews


Offer points to your customers for leaving honest feedback on your products, this will serve you in a bunch of ways. Though primarily it will function as a trusted source of information for other incoming customers.

By getting your loyal customers to engage with your product and website, and create free content, you will be boosting your profile for old and new members, with the added bonus of boosting your rankings on Google.


Utilize referrals


It’s a new year, people are signing up for all sorts: gyms, yoga classes, language lessons, wellness sessions. So, why not a loyalty program? Galvanizing your current users to collect rewards for referrals helps with your customer relations. However, it will also open the gates to people wanting to start the new year with programs designed to reward them, whether that is spiritually, physically, or financially.

Promote your referral program, and credit your users for every new customer that is signed up.


Offer exclusive promotions


You want to make your loyal users feel that they are not only getting points, but there is an exclusive advantage to being signed up to your loyalty program. Offering specialty sales to your signed up members will make them feel confident in their choice to continue with the program. At the same time, it will encourage newer customers to sign up in order to be part of the promotion.

People love perks, make this a part of your loyalty program this year.


Make this year work for you and your business by creating momentum this January. If you have questions, the LoyaltyLion team are happy to guide you through making the most of your program in 2016.


Images by Pixabay used under the Creative Commons license. 

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