Shopify Unite 2018: everything merchants need to know and get excited about

It’s been a couple of days since Shopify Unite 2018 came to a close, but the team at LoyaltyLion are still buzzing! We couldn’t possibly cover everything that happened during the three days in Toronto in one post, so here are our highlights from the annual conference:

#1 – It’s all about simplification

Shopify have been working hard to make life easier for merchants, simplifying operations and removing complexity wherever possible. One of the most exciting announcements of the conference was the introduction of connectors for Shopify Flow. Connectors will allow you to to automate manual tasks and build workflows across multiple tools and technologies, leaving you more time to experiment. We’re really proud to be one of the first partners to build a connector for Flow – you can see an example that works with our partner, Klaviyo below, or find out more here.


“By applying unique combinations of triggers, conditions, and actions developed for Shopify Flow, merchants can experiment with thousands of innovative ways of using LoyaltyLion and other partners to maximize customer engagement and retention.” Charlie Casey, CEO of LoyaltyLion

We were also pleased to hear about marketing simplification, which will allow merchants and their partners to run marketing campaigns from within the Shopify admin area. This will simplify the process of creating campaigns, but it will also make it easier to optimize with insights and intelligent marketing recommendations.

Other interesting developments included the new Locations solution, allowing merchants to make real-time decisions by viewing all inventory locations in one place, and Fraud Protect, which will automatically protect orders and save retailers the hassle of reviewing them.


#2 – You can be as global as your customer base

One of the biggest challenges for ecommerce retailers is ensuring that operations work on a global scale. Shopify is making it easier for merchants to be global from the word go with Multi-Currency for Shopify Payments. You’ll be able to show local currency prices based on current exchange rates, and quickly add and remove local currencies as your markets evolve. Merchants will also be able to use Local Payment Methods to offer international customers the local payment methods that they’re used to.

#3 – POS can be seamless

Shopify announced the new Tag and Chip Reader, which will offer merchants a faster and more secure way to take payments. The new lightweight, wireless reader allows you to take payments from contactless or chip-enabled cards and mobile devices, anywhere in your store. This means you can focus on connecting with your customers, rather than trying to get them to the checkout.

Shopify is focussing on continuing to bridge the gap between digital and physical stores by making the checkout more personal. A number of solutions will be coming down the line including the ability to add tipping functionality to POS, and seamless returns and exchanges across Shopify POS online and in-store.  The Customer View for POS will also allow merchants to set up a second customer-facing mobile or tablet that allows shoppers to view their products, pricing and tipping or receipt options. Customer View will help customers feel more in control at the checkout.


#4 – Start experimenting at scale

Shopify is expanding on their existing Shopify Scripts functionality and implementing BOGO and Quantity discounts to help merchants increase average order values. The new discount code functionality means retailers can test different creative ideas to attract new customers and surprise and delight existing ones.

2018-05-08-photo-00000557#5 – Change the way you check out

Finally, Shopify are changing the traditional checkout process with the introduction of Dynamic Checkout. Removing the need to add items to cart and allowing customers to checkout on product pages, this will speed up the payment process and help retailers limit basket abandonment by capturing purchase intent much earlier.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Shopify Plus for having us at Unite 2018, as well as to all to the partners and merchants who made it such a fantastic few days for us. The developments we were introduced to are a fantastic reminder of the common goal that we all share – to provide the tools and technologies that ecommerce retailers need to succeed.

You can read more about Shopify’s platform investments in their own words here. We can’t wait to see the positive impact these developments will have for our Shopify Plus merchants.