Learn how to drive more repeat purchases with loyalty programs

This week on the Wavebreak Podcast, our CEO Charlie Casey discusses the power of loyalty programs. Listen in to learn how merchants are leveraging loyalty programs to retain customers and drive repeat purchase.

“We found that no matter how big the store, over 20% of a store’s revenue comes from just 5% of their customer base.”

The conversation delves into the benefits of a loyalty strategy over other out-of-the-box discounting solutions – like voucher codes. And, how a loyalty program will hook customers to return to your store to spend more. In fact, LoyaltyLion merchants saw their customer retention increase by 11% and repeat purchase rate improve by 10%. All factors proving the significant ROI a loyalty program gives.

Listen to learn about all of this, and more: http://www.wavebreakpodcast.com/loyalty

Wavebreak podcast loyalty strategy

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