Planning your trip to IRCE? Here’s your five step checklist for making the most of the event

IRCE is coming: the one-stop-shop for everything ecommerce. But are you prepared for what awaits?

What’s IRCE you ask? Well, it’s the all-in-one, ecommerce conference hitting Chicago between the 25th and 28th of June. It features everything you need for your ecommerce store; from strategic, educational sessions to stands full of ecommerce technology experts looking to answer all your questions. LoyaltyLion will be exhibiting at booth #659, in the Shopify Plus area, and we can’t wait to see you there.

But with it being such a big event, it’s easy to find yourself feeling like a small fish lost in a big pond. To help you make the most of your time at the event, we’ve created this quick step-by-step infographic. Want to read more on each of the steps? Click here for the detailed steps.

Irce Trip Checklist

Step one: Identify your challenges

First, you need to take a step back and consider the challenges you face day-to-day when running your ecommerce store.

Are you finding that you have a high customer churn rate? Is your customer lifetime getting cut short? Or, are you struggling to build up customer advocacy?

Whatever your challenge is, there will be an answer to it at IRCE.

When you have a clearer picture of the problems you would like to solve, you’ll be able to hone in on the best talks and tech companies you’d like to approach to help you answer them.

Step two: Look at the gaps in your tech stack

Thanks to a whole host of ecommerce tech companies available, merchants can do a lot more to improve their customer experience.

Whether that’s sending more personalised emails, adding opportunities to engage on-site with features such as pop-ups, or making the review process simple – there’s a tool for it.

Before coming to IRCE take a look at the tech stack you’ve already got and identify the gaps. Here’s what your thought process may look like:

  • Maybe you’ve noticed your acquisition tactics aren’t having the same impact anymore
  • To solve the challenge, you decide to turn your attention to retention tactics instead
  • Now, consider if you already have the technology to help you achieve this
  • If you don’t, check out which loyalty program solutions will be attending IRCE so you can chat with them (Hot tip: Most exhibitors allow you to pre-arrange times to chat with them at IRCE)

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your tech stack, take the time to explore the market and think of questions to ask representatives on the stands you’re planning to visit.

Flyers can only tell you so much. By chatting to a person you’ll be able to have a conversation, learn more about the company and get to know the people you could be working with further down the road.

You could also take this step as an opportunity to research how you could be elevating your existing tools further and to learn about new integrations may not know about already. For example, here are the apps LoyaltyLion currently integrates with.

Step three: Think about how you’re going to grow

The ecommerce landscape is one of the most turbulent and it’s changing all the time. Before you arrive at IRCE take a moment to research the big changes making waves in your industry and the wider market. Check out our free 2019 trends ebook to get you started.

Whether you’ve identified subscriptions, omnichannel, personalisation or data optimisation as the next best thing for your store, there will always be someone there waiting to tell you how they can help you achieve it. Take a look at the companies exhibiting and identify which ones will help you and your store get to the next level.

Step four: Check out the agenda

Luckily, IRCE has created a handy agenda showing all the talks that will be taking place. The calendar includes the presentation locations, times and short descriptions so you can understand more about the content. You can download it here.

Once you’ve done a little digging, create your own agenda of the talks you want to attend and that align with your business objectives. Maybe even add them to your calendar so you always know exactly where you’re supposed to be!

Step five: Arrange a time to speak to LoyaltyLion

Plan ahead and book a time to speak to one of our loyalty specialists at IRCE.

This year, you can meet Jasper, Kerri, Fjolla and Joe at a time that suits you to chat about anything and everything customer loyalty and retention. Jasper, Kerri, Fjolla And Joe From Loyaltylion

At the big event, be sure to come over for a chat at booth #659. Don’t miss out – we’ll have a little surprise waiting.

Until then, we hope this check list has been helpful. See you in Chicago!

Team LoyaltyLion

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