New Integration: Encourage high-quality reviews with LoyaltyLion and Okendo

Once upon a time, customers would visit a physical store, speak with a shop assistant, and gather all of the information required to feel comfortable in their next purchase. A major challenge for ecommerce merchants is replicating that trust-building exercise online.

There’s no doubt that replicating it is crucial to winning in ecommerce. After all, 73% of customers say they value the content of a review over the overall star rating, demonstrating the importance of information. That’s why we’ve launched an integration with Okendo.

Okendo ReviewUse Okendo + LoyaltyLion to reward customers for providing powerful, content-rich reviews.

By using Okendo and LoyaltyLion together, you can capture powerful customer content by rewarding your customers for leaving product ratings and reviews, customer photos, videos, questions & answers and comments. So what do you need to know about this integration?

Encourage customers to leave different types of reviews
Customer reviews work as an online word-of-mouth tool for ecommerce stores, portraying your store in a more positive, trustworthy and personal way. With this integration, you can reward much more than just written reviews. Award points for customer photos, videos, questions & answers and comments, setting points values according to which actions are the most valuable to your store.

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Build shopper trust and increase conversion
Recent studies show that stores who incentivise reviews could increase their conversion rate from 2% to 26.83%. Your most loyal customers (i.e. those with the highest repeat purchase rates and highest average order values) are the most likely to act as advocates. By using rewards to secure that advocacy, you can open up a more cost-effective channel to acquire new and better qualified customers, driving conversion while simultaneously engaging and retaining existing customers.

Find additional reasons to engage post-purchase
Don’t despair if customers fail to leave a review immediately after making a purchase. Instead see this as an opportunity to engage them a little down the line – for example, on the safe delivery of their item. Update post-purchase emails to include information on how many points a customer can earn for each of the different review types, giving them a reason to return and leave the highest-quality review possible.

Learn more about “Why customer reviews are so important” through our LoyaltyLion Academy, visit our website for more information on our integration with Okendo, or get in touch to find out how LoyaltyLion and Okendo can help you, here.