Your mid-year loyalty campaign calendar

The half-way point of the year is the perfect time to take a look back and reflect on the success of your loyalty program. Loyalty is always in season – your existing customers won’t stop loving your brand and there are always one-time shoppers you could be converting into loyal followers. To give you some inspiration for the second half of the year, we’ve put together a loyalty campaign calendar, ready and waiting for you to populate with seasonal loyalty promotions. You can download it here:
Loyaltylion Campaign Calendar

Using the loyalty campaign calendar

Here’s how to use the calendar effectively.

Download the calendar here and save it somewhere safe on your computer – this could even be on a shared Google Drive where all your team can access it.

To use it as a Google Sheet, head to, log-in, click the file icon and select “upload”. Then find the file on your computer and upload. Use Google Sheets to share it with your wider team so they can also work with you to fill it in.

Once you’ve got the calendar saved somewhere important you can start populating it.

  • Campaign overview: This is where you outline the goal of the campaign and the mechanics of how it’ll run
  • Target audience: Audience demographics or a segment created from customer behaviour (for example, people who have left a three-star review, someone who’s visiting your site for the first time or your Instagram followers)
  • Campaign details: A deeper outline of what this campaign will focus on – maybe it’s new messaging, a double-point flash event or an event-specific loyalty email campaign
  • Promotion: You need to choose where you’ll be telling your customers about the campaign. Check back on your audience personas and work out where your target audience will engage with you the most. For example, if your campaign is targeting new customers who are landing on your site for the first time, run this campaign across site-wide pop-ups
  • Launch date and end date
  • Goals: This is where you define what success looks like. Think about whether it’s the number of new customers, engagements with your program or something else entirely

Struggling for inspiration?

Here are some suggestions of the loyalty campaigns you could run around the events in our calendar. But remember to change them up and create campaigns that work for your store and your customers.

Summer Loyalty Campaigns


Summer holidays 

Your summer sale is coming in hot. Get those bikinis in baskets by running a one-off double point event on your summer collection. Target the campaign to your loyal customers who bought from your last seasonal sale.

Autumn Loyalty Campaigns


Back to school

Celebrate new beginnings with your customers by communicating irresistible sign-up perks. Target first-time shoppers who haven’t signed up to your program or new visitors with an introductory offer they can’t miss – such as 500 points for creating an account.


World smile day

Put a smile on your “at-risk” customers’ faces and surprise them by moving them up a loyalty tier. Make sure you tell them about the new exclusive perks they can now benefit from in a friendly, personalised email.


Add some hocus pocus to your loyalty program and offer one-off double-points on your creepy goodies. Run a scream-curdling campaign across social media, email and on-site pop-ups that tell new customers the benefits of your loyalty program.


World vegan day

Show your customers that you’re environmentally conscious and aligned with your customers on this thoughtful day. Communicate your brand’s focus or your vegan and organic products in welcome emails, across your loyalty program and in on-site pop-ups.

Singles’ Day

Use the hype around this discount event to show your customers why you’re different from the competition. Make sure to let your brand personality shine through and show off the VIP treatment you give your loyal customers on social media and in emails.

World kindness day 

Encourage your customers to spend their loyalty points on charitable causes by launching a new reward in your loyalty program. Let them know that they can trade in the points they’ve earnt to donate to charity or to help someone else in need. Account (2) Copy


Celebrate and give thanks to your customers with personalised loyalty rewards. Gift these customers tailored loyalty perks on their favourite products.

Black Friday

Run an exclusive competition for members-only to make you stand out in the Black Friday chaos. The prize could be a free product, tickets to an event or just a loyalty point bonus to spend in the future.

Not only will your loyal customers feel appreciated, but bargain hunters will also be enticed to sign up to your program.

Christmas Loyalty Campaigns


Cyber Monday

Use your loyalty segments to connect your shoppers with the right deals for them. Send them personalised emails showing them the loyalty points they’ll earn if they bag a purchase.

See the results of our 2018 BFCM.

10 days till Christmas

Host an advent calendar event that shows new customers a different loyalty perk every day. This will encourage your already loyal customers to tell their friends about you.

Christmas Day

Build loyalty by wishing your customers a Merry Christmas.

Boxing Day

Let the sales begin!

Attract sales hunters, who are landing on your site for the first time, to sign up to your loyalty program. Launch pop-ups and website banners that communicate the benefits of your program and your impressive sign-up perks.

New Year’s Eve

Celebrate with your customers by launching a thank-you campaign for your most loyal followers. Reward customers that have a high customer lifetime value with extra points and make it their new years’ resolution to shop with you over and over again.


New Year’s Day

Another year comes to an end – take this time to review the performance of your program and don’t be scared to change things up.

We cover some of the questions you could ask yourself as you enter the new year here.

Valentines Day Loyalty


Valentines’ Day

Use this gift-giving event to acquire new customers and target them again at other peak seasons (such as Christmas).

Show the perks they’ll get for signing up with you and the vouchers they’ll receive further down the line that they can spend on future gifts.

For more ideas, head to our blog: Turning Valentines’ Day shoppers into long-lasting customers.

Easter Loyalty Campaigns


International Women’s Day

Celebrate friendship and encourage your customers to spread their positive experiences with your brand with people they respect.

Do this by doubling the points customers get for referrals for this day only.

St. Patrick’s Day

Spread the luck of the Irish and offer double points per dollar spent on this day.

International day of happiness

Run a surprise and delight campaign that will make your customers think fondly about you. Try adding your churned customers into a secret tier where they have access to more exclusive and experiential rewards.


Earth Day

Show your customers that you are emotionally aligned and care about the same causes as them.

Celebrate your green, eco-friendly products and the points they’ll get for engaging with your eco-conscious brand in re-engagement emails.

Annmarie Email 2

Spring Loyalty Campaigns


Mother’s Day

Help new and bewildered shoppers find the perfect gift by encouraging your already loyal customers to leave product reviews in exchange for loyalty points.

Your existing customers will benefit from money off gifts. Meanwhile, new customers will appreciate honest opinions from customers when choosing the perfect item.


Father’s Day

Ask these one-time shoppers questions about the person they’re buying so you can tailor your loyalty emails to the tastes of the individual receiving the gift further down the line.

Save the date

Mark your calendar. There’s plenty of loyalty campaigns you can be making the most of this year.

Need help? Contact one of our loyalty specialists today to get started.