How to use customer feedback to improve your conversions

They might choose to give you their feedback, keep it to themselves, or share it on social media. Either way, no matter what they do, you should be trying to use their feedback to improve your conversions.

You’ve done well to market your products and you have a good amount of traffic, but what is this traffic worth if you don’t convert any of it?

But just how do you do that? How do you take your customer’s feedback and use it as a tool to improve how many people convert on your website?

In this blog we will focus on the following points:

  • What is customer feedback and how do you get it?
  • Improve your product or service to improve your conversion rate
  • Always try to build trust with your customers
  • Consider the voice of your customer to market your products
  • Use feedback as a point of conversation


What is customer feedback and how do you get it?

First of all, we should consider what feedback actually is, and how you get it in the first place.

Customer feedback is what you receive anytime a customer states their opinion on your product or service. Feedback can come in many forms.

Reviews. If you have an ecommerce website, you might have a review section for your products. Anytime someone uses the review feature, they’re leaving you feedback.


Klaviyo Panel

A customer might have an issue and want to contact you directly to help them sort it, this again is customer feedback.

Finally, a customer might talk about your products or service on their social media channels. This too is feedback and all three can be used to improve your conversion rate.

In this blog post, we want to talk about four ways you can use customer feedback to improve your conversions.

Improve your product or service to improve your conversion rate

When you get customer feedback, actually listen to it, and use it as a way to improve your products.

Bad feedback doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your business, and it doesn’t have to lower your conversion rates, as long as you use the feedback in the right way.

Don’t simply ignore negative feedback, but consider whether the customer has a point, and if they do, think about changing part, or all of your processes to fix their problems.

Through feedback, your customers are telling you what they want, don’t ignore this. Use it to make informed business decisions based on opinions of your actual customers, not just your thoughts.

If feedback consistently shows your customers are frustrated with an element of your product – then change it. If feedback shows your customers want faster delivery times – find a way to make it happen.

Your customers act as the backbone of your business and if you want to increase your conversions, you have to treat them this way.

Always try to build trust with your customers

If your feedback is made public to other customers, in the form of ratings or reviews, it can be used to build trust.

Customers like to see not only what other people thought of your product or service, but they like to see that someone else has actually made a purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 18.10.47

Positive feedback is a great way to increase conversions and 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. It’s important to get it right. Showcasing reviews or testimonials helps improve credibility and increase conversions.

Consider the voice of your customer to market your products

Unless you hire a copywriter, it’s often difficult to get your website copy perfectly right, especially for products. When you get feedback, listen to the words your customers are using. Your customers are using words that they understand and relate to.

Voice of the customer provides you with detailed information about user needs and problems.

The more feedback you collect, the more data about your customers you have. As we stated before, you can use this feedback to make informed decisions about your business.

But you can also use the feedback to get a better understanding of the words that resonate with your customers.


Once you have an understanding of the words your customers are using, you can use those in your copy or product descriptions, since you know it’s what your customers understand and use themselves.

Use feedback as a point of conversation

It might be helpful to stay in touch with your customers on a frequent basis, but often finding ways to make a conversation with your customers is difficult. You don’t want to appear too spammy.

Social media means it’s easier to engage with customers when they have a complaint, as they’re actively expressing their opinions.

You should take any opportunity you can to engage with your customers and collect feedback from them. You can use it as a point of conversation and act upon the feedback they provide.

If you’re struggling to get feedback from your customers, a pop-up like the one below can help encourage your customers to reach out to you in order to start a conversation or interaction.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 17.47.43

It goes without saying if you do use one of these features, and your customers interact with it, make sure you have a knowledgeable representative available to answer their queries and make sure you actively seek to answer everyone’s questions.


Feedback from your customers is important and shouldn’t be ignored.

Did you know it can cost anywhere between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, so it makes sense for you to put most of your focus on keeping your current customers happy, and you can do this through using their feedback?

If you want to convert more customers, then you need to keep them all happy. Frustrated customers are likely to stop doing business with you, so listen to their feedback.

Happy customers are returning customers and often will refer other customers just like them to you and a referral can increase the potential of purchase by up to 82%.


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