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How LoyaltyLion compares with Magento’s Reward Points

When LoyaltyLion was first established, our aim was to help merchants succeed in the age of Amazon. We set out to give them everything they needed to create a powerful technology stack that would drive retention, without having to build anything themselves.

As a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform, this philosophy still applies to everything we do. That’s why we work closely with major ecommerce platforms like Magento, who are enabling more and more entrepreneurs to launch their own unique ecommerce stores.

If you are operating on Magento, you might be feeling confused as to the different loyalty options available to you. In this blog, we will take you through some of the key differences between LoyaltyLion and Magento 2’s Commerce Rewards Points, ensuring that you have all the information you need to select the right loyalty partner.

Feature comparison

Magento Reward Points provides a solid basis for any loyalty program, with the functionality for customers to see their available points, make referrals via email, and redeem points easily. LoyaltyLion is built with longer-term growth in mind, allowing you to build a fully-customized program, unlock real loyalty insights, and A/B test and optimize your program.

So let’s dive into the loyalty features that could be powering your ecommerce growth ?

1️⃣ Earning points across all channels


Magento’s Reward Points encourages customers to create an account, write a review and sign up to a mailing list by awarding each activity with a different number of points.


LoyaltyLion increases customer spend and engagement by awarding customers for both basic and custom on-site activities. Similarly to Magento, LoyaltyLion allows you to reward your customers for purchases, creating an account and signing up to a newsletter, however, you can also create entirely custom rewards that align with your brand and marketing goals such as offering points for recycling the product.


LoyaltyLion also motivates customers to engage with your brand across all channels, by rewarding them for off-site activities such as social media engagement, follows and likes. For example, you can reward your customers if they use your Instagram brand hashtag.


2️⃣ Segmenting customers and designing a tiered loyalty program structure


Magento’s Reward Points introduces three different customer groups that are General, Wholesaler, and Retailer. Merchants can offer a different reward scheme for each customer group. For example, you can enable those in the Wholesaler segment to earn double points when they purchase. However, you are not able to customize the customer groups and their benefits.


LoyaltyLion enables you to create a tiered loyalty program structure that is on-brand and increases repeat purchase, program engagement and spend. Tiers allow you to segment your customers, and offer exclusive rewards and benefits for each tier that create a feeling of aspiration and motivate spend.


3️⃣ Making referrals


Magento Reward Points allows customers to refer your store to their friends and family members via email.


LoyaltyLion allows customers to refer your store to their friends and family across all channels including email, social media and WhatsApp, helping you to drive more cost-effective customer acquisition.


4️⃣ Delivering customized and meaningful communications


Magento Reward Points uses in-built emails that allow you to send out points balance emails to your customers, reminding them to return to your store to earn more points and unlock rewards.


LoyaltyLion has in-built email functionality, allowing you to send intelligent loyalty messages such as welcome emails, points expiry emails, or reward available reminders. You can also use this functionality to send customized review incentive emails, or emails encouraging referrals.


LoyaltyLion also integrates with a range of ESPs, ensuring you deliver personalized customer communications with loyalty emails that are based on real-time, individual information. LoyaltyLion allows you to use real-time, on-site notifications to communicate your loyalty program. For example, you can easily identify your at-risk customers through your Analytics dashboard and send out emails or notifications containing unique loyalty promotions to win them back.


5️⃣ Leveraging your loyalty data


Magento Reward Points may not have integrated insights and analytics functionality, however, it does suggest that customers integrate their support data and use it with their loyalty program. For example, let’s say one of your customers’ orders shipped late and you need to make your customer happy again, you can add points to her/ his account manually.


LoyaltyLion seamlessly integrates with your existing helpdesk tools to help you view your customers’ loyalty data and use those insights to solve problems and enhance your customer relationships in a meaningful way.

More importantly, LoyaltyLion unlocks real insights about your customers and identifies your most loyal, at-risk and lost customers through its Insights and Analytics feature, helping you focus your marketing efforts more efficiently.

LoyaltyLion shows you which customers are engaging with your program, how much they are spending, and how regularly they are coming back to your store, allowing you to provide customized marketing campaigns and loyalty promotions

Magento Vs Loyaltylion Blog

6️⃣ Encouraging program engagement with an integrated loyalty program


Magento Reward Points features an account page that shows customers their points balance and any available rewards.


LoyaltyLion allows you to create a fully-customized and on-brand loyalty program that can be embedded within your site with no need for an iframe or pop-up. This allows you to deliver an interactive and on-brand loyalty experience that is visible at every stage of the customer journey.


To sum up:

Loyaltylion Features

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