Ebook: Peak 2020 – a new lens for loyalty

2020 has proven to have put ecommerce through its paces. Some brands have even experienced a 300% uplift in traffic over the pandemic

Ordinarily, now would be the time that merchants would be right in the middle of planning for the upcoming seasonal sales. But this year is far from normal. The question on everyone’s lips is: what will the 2020 sales look like?

To understand what’s going on in the mind of seasonal shoppers, we asked them for their thoughts on the biggest event in the ecommerce calendar. From the results we’ve created three resources to help you plan, and get ahead, over the discount season

By downloading the Peak 2020 pack you’ll get: 

📈  The full infographic containing new consumer research around the holiday season

📖  A quick guide full of ways to retain seasonal shoppers

🔎  The peak 2020 readiness scoresheet to identify the gaps in your holiday marketing

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