Announcement: ecommerce Insights app

We’re pleased to announce we have recently released a new app for Shopify users: eCommerce Insights.

Our insights app is a tool for anyone who wants to know more about the people purchasing from them.

Key benefits

  • See who your loyal customers are
  • Identify customers at risk of leaving
  • Win back lost customers
  • See how your store compares with industry benchmarks


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 14.38.03The main dashboard provides an overview of the key metrics you should be concerned with.

This allows you to quickly identify what’s working well and any pain points you need to address.

Key metrics include

  • Orders from existing customers: Percentage of your orders that come from existing customers, as opposed to new customers. This will show how loyal your customers are. It also indicates how successful you are at customer acquisition.
  • Average order value: An average total of all your orders.
  • Repeat purchase rate: Shows how loyal your customers are. The more customers who return to re-buy products from your store, the more valuable those customers are.
  • Time to second purchase: The amount of time it takes on average for a customer to make a second purchase.
  • Percentage of customers lost in the past 12 months: A percentage of the customers who made a purchase but never came back.
  • Missed revenue of lost customers in the past 12 months: Provides a numerical value for the previous percentage

At Risk

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 14.38.23

The ‘At Risk’ feature enables you to see customers who are at risk from leaving you. Using this data, you can identify which customers you should contact to remind them how valuable they are.

At LoyaltyLion, we want to help you gain a loyal customer base. Therefore, we provide you with a pro-tip for those who are unsure what to do with the data they see in the ‘At Risk’ section.

 Loyal Customers

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 14.38.16

The ‘Loyal Customers’ tab allows you to see which of your customers are most loyal and how much revenue they bring you.

The ‘Loyal Customer’ tab breaks down the information you need to know. This breakdown gives you scope to hone in on areas you need to improve on.

Knowing what you need to do to improve is half the battle and saves you time trying to improve everything when there is perhaps only one key element that needs improving.


  • Percentage of customer base that are loyal
  • Percentage of revenue that comes from loyal customers
    • Often people only think about the first metric ‘Percentage of customer base that are loyal’. However, it’s important to note that even if only 10% of your customers are loyal, they could still be providing 50% of the revenue.
  • How much more loyal customers spend.


Don’t just take it from us. See other reviews like the one below on our Shopify page.

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