2016 REVIEW: LoyaltyLion ecommerce

It’s been a crazy year for us at LoyaltyLion. Whilst everyone is busy thinking about their 2017 resolutions, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the year we’ve just had, as well as reflect on the year of eCommerce in general.

Our year

This year we launched our new app: eCommerce insights. Our insights tool is for anyone wanting to know more information about the people who are buying their products.

The app allows users to see loyal customers, those at risk of leaving, and win back lost customers.

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This year we’re proud of becoming partners with some really good companies

Feefo. This year saw a partnership with Feefo, one of the leading global reviews and rating provider.

Our partnership with these companies will involve collaboration and shared content.

eCommerce loyalty

  • 90% of buying sessions that start on desktops, convert on desktops. However when they start on mobile, only 64% convert. This means customers are either not buying the products they’re viewing on their mobile, or they’re converting somewhere else. So whilst mobile users are increasing in numbers, they’re not converting.
  • Chatbots made a huge breakthrough in 2016, with more and more eCommerce companies understanding the benefits of using the automated chat feature.
  • Loyalty spending increased. Marketers are spending more and more on their loyalty programs and schemes and this is set to increase during 2017 as well.

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